The chicken love story of Deen Burbigo

Deen Burbigo is alongside Nekfeu, one of the main faces of the Entourage french collective, whose success on the internet came to in the late 2000s thanks to Rap Contenders, the first rap a cappella battle league in France. On the occasion of the release of his first album Grand Cru, we tried to find out more about the rapper/gastronome Deen Burbigo through a food quiz. On the program: a mount of KFC Bucket, a Snapchat & Twitter clash and the video revelation of his signature dish in the first episode of The Secret Recipe, the new TV Show of Fricote.

You organize a dinner, who do you invite? What are we listening to?

In my song “On y va”, I have this rhyme: “My france is Desproges, Balavoine and Coluche.” So I invite them all and I make them listen to my first album Grand Cru.

“My France is Desproges, Balavoine and Coluche”

Your best memory of KFC?

My best memory of KFC is when my friend and rapper Alpha Wann worked there. He always came back with a backpack full of buckets. At a given time of the day, when you met Alpha with his bag, you knew it was a feast day.

How your passion for chicken is born?

Because the white meat well cooked is tender. It has taste and above all it’s low fat. In a chicken fiber, you see right away what’s good. And in addition, it turns out that the chicken is a beast that has come down to earth laying protein with a package every day whatever happens even if there is no rooster for fertilize it. Incredible.

Shoes: Dr Martens
Pants: Dockers
“I am aware of the animal cause but I love too much the taste of animals”

As often in rap, a clash is born on Snapchat and Twitter between S.Pri Noir and you. Can you tell us a little bit more?

Lately, I often had fun on Snapchat to put pictures of the dishes I was making. Lots of people started following me especially for that. And S.Pri began to do it as well. Naturally, the fans created a funny rivalry between us. One day we will eventually make a real event in a restaurant with S.Pri's menu and Deen's menu to definitely know who is the best cook of both of us.

Twitter: @deenburbigo
Facebook: deenburbigo
Instagram: @deenburbigo

Your best memory of canteen at school?

Like everybody else, I looked every day at the bottom of the glasses to know the age I had that day. Otherwise, I liked the small ice pots with the plastic spoon, half chocolate half strawberry. Big kiff.

Your meal in the death row?

Fuck shit, I'm gonna die. It’s too hard. Frankly, I would order a hybrid plate: a mix between rice tiep and several grilled braised meats, allocos and a little salad with candied onions. I can leave in peace.

“God gave banana an incredible package It's smarter than a Snickers”

If you have the right to take only one single food to a deserted island, what do you choose?

Only one? A food, I would say a chicken to have eggs. But otherwise I would say bananas. It's nourishing and it's easily to carry it. God gave banana a package which is amazing though. It's smarter than a Snickers, it's really extraordinary.

“Ask Richie'zer: Fuck the empty fridge”

“I'm a non-practicing vegetarian”

What is your favorite alcoholic mixture?

I like good red wine and not just because my album is called Grand Cru. I'm rather fond of Bordeaux wines. But in truth I stopped drinking. It's not very productive.

In your song “On y va”, you say “We want entrecôtes on snack time” – Is it frustration or a subliminal message for the vegan movement?

Absolutely not! I have another track on which I say I'm a non-practicing vegetarian. I’m aware of the animal cause but for all that I like too much the taste of animals. The vegan attitude, not yet. Otherwise the sentence itself have to be taken literally, you can meet me in a Parisian brasserie or in Aubervilliers at the time of the snack.

What’s your signature dish?

Deen Burbigo participate in the game of The Secret Recipe’s first episode of Fricote. The concept? Face camera, the artist assumed the costume of chef to reveal to you his dish signature.

recipe card

The chef's playlist

Between two onion slices, chef Bigo also revealed the playlist of his hip-hop favorites tracks for cooking. A selection modelled on his new album in which cross street bangers, introspective rap or Pop/RnB songs.

Al Dente

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